'The Storm of '94' | SY Pollen Path

THE 1994 PACIFIC STORM SURVEY.By Kim Taylor. Pbk, 210mm x 300mm (A4), 71 pages, monochrome drawings and plans.
This is an analysis of events and seamanship surrounding the 1994 "bomb" (referred to above), put together from largely personal research soon afterwards. Kim is a "live-aboard" yachtsman and knows personally some of the crews involved; he is a lawyer by profession and this mix of attributes has resulted in a text that is most useful for yachtsmen preparing for heavy weather.

I needed permission to include the full article and the author is still hoping to sell it so here is a link. It is worth a read, a few learnings on what might be the way to go if we are ever in a similar situation. What worked and what didn't work in terms of riding the storm out. It was a big storm and PP came thru relatively unscathed. Kudos to Lauara and Randy for sticking with her. Thats is one thing i've been told a lot. Stick with the boat as long as poss.

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