06June '12' With Julie | SY Pollen Path

So back from Work on the 28th and quick visit up to Phuket to see Will and his dive shop then back down to Rebak. Julie had turned up form KL while i was away and settled in on Pollen Path. A few days to settle in my self, and do some shopping for provisions (I just love these nautical terms!!!), then we are off to circumnavigate Langkawi.

4th June: Final prep work to leave Rebak. Finally castoff at 1500hrs and walked the boat off the quay with help from Paul and jane. Motored out of the marina and hoist Mizzen and H.sail, setting course for Telage harbor. It was a light wind and we're making 3 to 3.5 knots. We arrived in Telaga at 1800hrs and dropped anchor in the sheltered anchorage just behind the 2 small manmade islands.  I had bought a new Dingy(inflatable) with a 2nd hand 5Hp outboard. had a problem with perished fuel pipe so sucked a lot of stuff into the eng. Anyway that went back for a service and a new external tank fuel hose. We were due to pick that up from the quay. Meanwhile the weather is picking up a bit and it's starting to blow. We went in and picked up the out board, had a meal and on the way back to the boat noticed that the outboard was leaking badly. A connection had split inside. So back to the Quay and call the mechanic up, who came out even though it was about 9 O'clock by now. He bought a spare piece with him and after it was fixed off we went again. By now the wind was even stronger and it was obvious we were in for a storm. Below is Julies' account of the next few days  

"we got the dingy engine mended then went out to the boat where it was already blowing a gale ,  turned out we had dragged anchor a bit while we were ashore so we up anchored and reanchored at about 11pm. Then the wind just got stronger and it was eventually gusting 60- 70 knots (mph) and we were heeling right over from the gust.Then at about 1 am , 2 boats which were unoccupied broke free and one dragged into us , it ended up chain on oneside of our bow and boat the other, eventually we managed to free it. (Julia did all the work, She leapt aboard and fended it off Pollen Path from its side and I helped keep it clear from our boat.) It had done a bit of damage but relatively speaking not too much, we then had a sleepless few hrs till dawn , at which point the wind was a steady 40 knots. Couldn't go anywhere obviously so spent another day and another blowy night in Telaga, this time with rain squalls but not quiet as strong. Eventually it calmed by about 3 am and so by 10am the seas had dropped and we decided to head back into the Rebak Marina, lick our wounds and assess the damage. We got in at about midday on Thursday 7th. Spent a long time washing all the mud off the chain and boat, and tidying up. The plan had been to have an early night but it was someones birthday so it was a late party - (Mike-- "go on then twist my arm" I said- we need to wind down for sure).

The next day was another sort out day and assess the damaged, a lifted toerail, a broken link in the bobstay, luckily just opened , if had opened right up we could have lost the mast!!, and then the Friday night BBQ so another late one !! On Saturday we 
started repairs and then pm went to town to chase up the owner of the boat that hit us, no insurance and no money but was willing to try and help a bit, anyhow that's boating for you and we are still having fun."""

Friday 8th to Wed 13th: Fix the Boat. Fit new Bobstay and Turnbuckle , take up and re fit the section of Toerail. Not much time left before I have to return to work so we will go on a short run to Singa Besar or "Lion Island"

Thur 14th: up at 0700-Fix slugs / slides on Mainsail. One of the new ones we had put on was hanging up. cast off at 11:30. Walk the Boat off the quay and motor out od the marina. At 11:50 we raised The Jib/ Mizzen and Main and headed out on 215/200 course with light wind and we were making 2.5 to 3 kts. We wanted to see how the main handled as i've not used it much at all. At 1500hrs we Jibbed 180deg and headed back in o langkawi and the Cruise ship terminal on 50/55deg course. At 16.30 we were level with the CST and turned to head into Singa Besar, dropping anchor at 17:30 hrs just off the beach. Relaxed, G&T and watch the sunset. Lovely day. 

Fri 15th: Up and B/fast at 0800hrs then took the dingy ashore. nice beach and swim. Up anchor at 1130 and leave Singa besar for Rebak. Heading south around Singa besar and then turning north to set course for reback  A nice sail back and only used the motor at the end when the wind dropped and to enter the Marina. On berth at 1730hrs.

Sat / Sunday: prepare to leave for KL and work. Found out on Sunday that my schedule had changed and leave had been extended for 2 weeks. Allready had arrangements to go to KL and pick up my China visa. Also Julie had found some work for the week in Kuah Marina so we plan to set off next weekend to do our circumnavigation of Langkawi. 

Sat 23rd: cast Of at 1115hrs, Motor out of Rebak on 210deg enough to clear Telaga headland and allow a course for TanJun Cincin, Raise sails and set course to 310/320 deg. Wind 6/7knt:we are making 2.5 to 3 knt: mixed weather with light rain. At 1330hrs: 6.26.283N /99.38.004E :Nice sail up the side of Langkawi Mountain- the Gondowan Outcrop. One of the few places in the world that this formation and old land mass can still be seen. Continue to 6.26.430N/99.38.161E and turn the to corner of Tanjun Cincin at 1610hrs. Continue on a 75/80deg course heading for Datai Bay. Drop anchor at 1700hrs in 4.5m water. Went ashore for a walk aound, nice beach. Had a bit of a rocky night due to a beam swell, light rain but other wise ok.

Sun 24th: Up 0730- B/fast - swim. Up anchor at 1030hrs. motor out of bay and sails up at 1100hrs. Turn to course 60deg heading for TanJun Rue. Making2.7 to 3Kts. Arrive tanjan Rue at 1500hrs- 11nm. The entrance to the bay is confusing. WE entered the first basin and it got very shallow very quickly and it was not at all clear form the Chart or the plotter where the anchorage was. So we turned around and motored back out to sea. Julie remembered that we had bought  a larger scale Chart in Kuah so we got this out and it was a lot clearer about how to enter the back basin now. We re entered the front basin and keeping to the noth of the channel motored ahead about 800m into the secluded back basin. very nice anchorage. Dropped anchor in 3 to 4m water 6.27.450N/99.49.924E. There is quite a strong current at times and not really a good spot for swimming.

Mon 25th: Up at 0715hrs, B/fast. 0845: set off in dinghy to explore the mangroves and try to find the 'Bat Cave'. Very interesting back waters and channels but difficult navigation once you get into the mangroves. Lot's of Kingfishers and Sea Eagles. Return to PP at 1130 and prepare to leave for the next leg. Up anchor at 1200hrs. Julie took the helm as we motored out of Tanjun Rue.  We raised the sails but the wind was very light so used the motor as well. Heading for 'Hole In The Wall' . Drifted a bit while we had lunch and then motored in to the channel leadin up to the "Hole In The Wall" anchorage at 1415hrs. WE entered the HIW at 1515hrs. Quite amazing enterance!!.  Dropped anchor at 1530hrs and went to fill up with water. had an early meal in one of the restaurants there but it was very bad and also expensive. Back to PP.

Tue 26th: Up 0800, B/Fast and Up anchor at 0930hrs. Motor out of HIW and turn to hread south down the east coast of Langkawi. destiantion Kuah. Initlally we had a good light wind, raised the sails and we were making 3 to 4 kts. Then at 1300hrs the wind died right down and we drifted while we had lunch then at 1415hrs started the motor for Kuah. We took the main ferry channel, which has some nice scenery, arriving into Kuah to drop anchor at 1605hrs just North West of the Eagle statue. !630 we took the Dinghy and went to town to shop, check emails and eat. 


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