08Aug '12' Sabah with Thomas | SY Pollen Path


So where to begin, it’s been a while since I last wrote so first, an apology for taken so long putting pen to paper, or finger to key board in this case.

My 2nd work hitch in Mongolia went ok, quite fast really! so that’s all ways good. Don’t want to be wishing my life away and all that but it’s quite a pain if work goes slowly, like watching paint dry, boring boring boring , and there is all ways other places to be and things to be doing and it becomes hard to focus. So when I’m busy at work it’s better for me physiologically speaking, get the job done, money in the bank, then relax with no worries.

Any way the 4 weeks work came to an end and it was time to head back to Langkawi, Malaysia for a few days on the boat before my son arrives in KL (Kuala Lumpur). He has just turned 16 and it’s been a year since I last saw him- the terrible down side to working half way round the world- and he is coming out for 3 weeks holiday. He usually comes every year and we go diving some where. This year we have come to KotaKinabalu in Sabah.

The diving is really good, to day (Monday 13th Aug) was rainy and so we had a rest day. We have been diving 3 dives a day for the past week so it’s tiring. I’ll put some Pics on Facebook and also on my web site for Pollen Path.  All though I do need to up date that site ( L ) as it’s nearly 6 months out of date. 

We have 2 mores days here in KKB and then it’s the bus to Sandakan and 4 days in a nature reserve there. Bird watching and to see the Orang Utan , So I’ll update this in a few days . Lot’s of pics in the August KKB folder.

Meanwhile we are off for a meal. The place we have been eating at recently was closed so we made our way to the beachfront and a small place called “Luigi Mallones’ . Now there is a name to strike terror into any Popes heart. The marriage of the Italian Mafia with a splint group of the IRA!!!. And the wine was Chilean! A potentially explosive combination if ever there was one. Thomas had a well burnt Hamburger and I made do with Garlic Mushroom and a mix of well battered fish.

Wed 15th: we left KKB a day earlier than planned due to there not being any seats on the 16th.  All fully booked due to local school holidays and it being Raya time.  So just arrived in the jungle resort outside Sandakan. It has been a long day spent on the bus from KKB, first half of the trip was interesting with good views of Mount Kinabalu and jungle valleys and hills but then after the mid way stop for coffee the scenery quickly changed to Palm Oil Plantations. 

Thu 16th : we arrived ok late last night and had a lazy morning exploring the resort. Nice Pool. In the afternoon we went to the Orang Utan center. Very cool. Thomas didn’t like it. Too hot an’ couldn’t understand the fuss about monkeys!! We saw 4, one, a mother, had a young one. Apparently they develop very slowly.  It was so small but 7 months old!!Pictures are in the Aug Sandakan folder. 

Thomas doesn’t like it here, says a hotel shouldn’t have lizards in the room and there are to many Moquitoes.  I told him it’s the jungle lol. The real thing not a dvd!!!.

Any way to day we are going to go see the ‘Rain Forest Discovery Center’. So more Mozzies, haha.

Fri 17th: Discovery center was good with the canopy walk. It was very hot and we went at mid day’ish so we didn’t see many birds.

Sat 18th :  Kalibantan River Trip.  So today we took the day trip to Gomantong caves and the Kinabatangan River. A good day out. The caves were smelly and hugh. The River trip was amazing with sightings off wild Orang Utan and 3 different types of monkey including the probiscus monkey, the one with the Big nose. The River is pretty deep apparently. I'll have to check that out as i hear some people take thier boats up the river a ways. You would have to be care ful of the logs though!!

Sun 19th was my B/day so we had a quite day around the lodge and on the 20th we checked out and headed to Sandakan for 3 days. Bought Thomas some clothes, relaxed and had some movie time at the hotel. We visited the Turtle Islands and spent a day on the beach then back to Town for more movies.

We headed for KL on the 23rd for a few days shopping getting Thoams some work and School stuff, visit China Town for soem cheapo stuff for his mates and generally wind down.

Sun 26th : Thomas last day. He leaves tonite. So sad but it's been a good holiday for sure.

Ah well, he's on the plane back to the cold and wet. he syas he had a nice time, especially the diving, so thats good. 

I'm back to Pollen Path tomorrow to change suitcases and head back to work.  It's been pretty windy and wet here in Langkawi. The canopy, which I foolishly left up, has 2 or 3 broken poles so I took it down, bought a big tarp of off Noel and covered as much as I could with that. Left for work the 29th. I'll need to order some extra poles while I'm at work.

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