A Winter of Discontent! On the Hard for 4 months Ahhhhhhgggggggg! | SY Pollen Path

Nov / Dec / Jan/ Feb/: It seemed to go on for ever but a lot needed to be done to bring PP back into shape. What did I have done? well thats a long story but in a nutshell it's as follows. 

Had to have PP fumigated for termites, I got the little critters at the end of last year (I about Sept) due to the 'BIT's " at the front getting wet and rotten. The entered thru the fore deck and worked their way down the boat to the stern as we chased them out. Lucklly they didn't like most of the wood ( Red Cedar and Teak / Hard wood) used but still , once it got damp / wet and rotted a bit it seemed acceptable to their little pallets, and they chomped their way from rotting thru hull to rotting thru hull as they went.

I knew we had a weeping keel bolt so once PP was out we removed all the damp / bad wood, which included the Gar boards, and replaced all that.  At the same time I had all the thru hulls ( including any bolt or screw that went in to wood) drilled out over size and then filled with Resin before re drilling for the bolts. So now there is not an external bolt or screw that can allow water thru to the wood beneath.

Most of the top of the hull all around the boat ( 90%) and all so most of the Transom had bad rot so all that was replaced and rebuilt up with good hard wood. Then we fiber glassed from the deck out , up over where the cap rail fits and a foot down the out side , then the cap rail was refitted. The whole of the back transom above deck level needed replacing / rebuilding  and that was all so fiberglassed over before refitting the cap rail.. The Starboard side was quite bad and I think must have taken a knock there at some point.

We also Fiberglassed the Keel in, up to and over the thru hulls and rebuilt the front deck from the mast forward, that was also fiberglassed in. The lines of PP have not changed but she is much more resistant to water getting in and stronger now.   So that was all the repair work in a nut shell. Seemd to take forever and did some serious damage to the bank account.

On the upgrades ( if you can call them that,) I had an Anchor winch fitted. Just getting too old to pull chain by hand LOL and also a deck shower fitted to the aft, I put in a small electric pump of the main tanks so now it's water on demand in the sink / gally area and also a sit down shower in the well by the tiller. So now the crew and I smell and feel a bit better of an evening.

© Michael JS Turner 2016